Classical Pilates

For Elegant Strength

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Caitlin Olsen is a classically trained Pilates instructor of the highest calibre. In this 30-Day programme she takes you through a full body workout using the original movements designed by the inventor of the discipline, Joseph Pilates.

The slow controlled movements of Pilates can sometimes be misleading to those unfamiliar, make no mistake, Pilates is a tough full body workout that provides the following benefits:

- Extremely effective for improving core strength

- Low impact movements which are ideal for people with conditions or past injuries

- Excellent for improving flexibility, balance, and body control.

- Great for increased muscle tone and weight loss.

Pilates is an extremely effective way to get a full body workout without risking injury. By the end of this programme you will be fitter, stronger, and leaner.

Your Instructor

Caitlin Olsen
Caitlin Olsen

I started exercising as a teenager by going to the gym. This became my idea of health and fitness--running on the elliptical, weight machines, etc. Many years later, while living in Asia, I happened to stumble into the world of yoga and Pilates. Initially, I pursued these disciplines for their value as a good workout. Over time, these methods did “their work” on me--everything began to shift. Not only did my body become stronger and more flexible than it had ever been, my mind and spirit did as well.

I was certified in the Pilates method in February 2013, and I also continue to be a dedicated yoga practitioner. I wholeheartedly believe in these methods and their holistic approach (mind, body, and spirit) to health and wellbeing. It is my great joy to teach Pilates, and be part of the profound impact this method has on the lives of my students.

Programme Structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your subscription starts as soon as you complete the payment process. You will have instant access to every programme listed. Your subscription ends when you choose to cancel it.
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