Mum On A Mission: 24-7

60 Day Plan - 24 Minutes - High Intensity Interval Training - Dance - Weight Loss - All Levels

Kimberly Wyatt Kimberly Wyatt

Goal: Lose Weight, Build Strength, Build Endurance
Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Duration: 8 weeks
Workout Length: 24 minutes

Programme Description

When it comes to the best online workouts for new mums who want to get back to exercise, this HIIT workout programme that Kimberly Wyatt (of the Pussycat Dolls) followed, is a go-to. To lose the baby weight she had gained during pregnancy, this is the plan Kimberly used.

The 60-day Mum On A Mission: 24-7 programme has been designed by Kimberly Wyatt’s personal trainer, Glenn Ball (and performed by Kimberly and Glenn), to fit into the busiest of schedules.

With each workout taking just 24 minutes to complete, the programme combines dance-style movements, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training to burn maximum calories during the workout and for up to 24 hours after, in order to transform your body and have you feeling amazing from the inside out.

From this unique combination, the benefits you will see include:

  • Fat loss and a leaner body
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved general fitness and endurance

The eight-week programme comes with a new workout video each day, plus a printable meal plan and recipes.

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No equipment is needed for this programme.

Remember to stay hydrated. Water helps fuel your muscles, so drinking before, during and after exercise will boost your energy levels, and may help to prevent cramp.

Your Instructor

Kimberly Wyatt
Kimberly Wyatt
A singer, dancer and choreographer, Kimberly is one of the Grammy-nominated Pussycat Dolls.
Dancing since the age of four, at just 14 she earned scholarships to the world-renowned Joffrey Ballet and Broadway Dance Center, both based in New York.
Kimberly has since worked in LA where she went on to bust her moves in the Black Eyed Peas music video, Shut Up. It was this that landed her role with the Pussycat Dolls.
Passionate about fitness and inspiring others to feel good from the inside out, Kimberly has been an inspiration to many and in 2014 alone she appeared on nine fitness magazine covers. She also writes for Women’s Health magazine.


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